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The message from Stokes and the Dhoni conclusion

by: Furqan


Here is some of the youngster about the retail of the final over of the IPL and also finally there is the part of. And the Rahul Tripathi was the recounting that the so close and the so far at the experience of the final of 2017. That is just the second year of the final of the or that is the existence in the final that team whose name is Rising Pune Supergiants who stormed in the ipl and that’s the edition of 2017 final. Whether that team faced the champions of the two times.

Also, they faced Mumbai in that series three times they were beaten by Mumbai those three times. And also for the players, there are eventual players of the tournament and also that big reason that is that time they have  Ben Stokes and played so well. Also that time he was the player of the tournament too but Ben Stokes had to leave for national Duty means he had to play for his nation. In that final of the ipl that time England had some tour that’s why Ben Stokes had to leave.

But when Mumbai wins the game means the second qualifier. That time they are like they are beaten three times so that time they were very confident that they beat them again. When the final happened before that night they were doing some team meetings and some dinner with each other. That time they were very happy because they reach the finals. At that time MS Dhoni told his team that there is no need to worry, before all the matches the team has done well so that’s the only other game.

The message from Stokes and the Dhoni conclusion

That time stokes has always been a great player or a great human being. Before the finals on their group chat he wrote that come on guys go out there and just get the trophy, also he told that is my first IPL so I want the trophy in my hand. And also he told me that I will watch you guys. That match was so interesting.

Chasing just 130 runs, they had the beg on that stage before losing by the smallest margin. In that match one time when they need 7 runs in 4 balls at one stage. And Steve Smith present in the craze with the good from but he finds the fielder and caught out that time the completely silenced in the RPS dugout. The Pune team was so close to victory but they can’t get the trophy. So playing the maiden of that final was so good.

Also against the KKR Tripathi bated so well or that can be said that his knock his so much well. In a match when everyone crumbled that time, that time Tripathi took the responsibility and bated so much well and his score was in that match 93. By his knock, the team owner is so much happiness from us.