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ICC Cricket T20 Ranking

by: Furqan


According to the latest T20 rankings published by ICC in January, the Eon Morgan lead team with a score of 275 is at the top of the scoreboard. Australia with 272 points is in second place. India with 268 points came in third and Babar Azam’s lead the team at 4th. South Africa is at 5th while Kane Williamson put his team at 6th. On the other hand, team Sri Lanka has improved a bit to rank them in 7th. Little disappointment for Bangladesh as they are 8th position. Afghanistan plays T20 cricket a lot and the team has many starts like Rashid Khan. However, at present, they are in 9th position. The team which disappoints us most is West India. Still, there are many top players who haven’t joined the team on a regular basis. As a result, they are in 10th position. 

The ICC team ranking system is a bit complicated, especially considering the scores of each international cricket player. For this reason, all calculations are automated. However, to truly understand how the system works, it is important to understand the methodology and the factors at play. In this type of rankings, teams are rated on the basis of 0-100 points. As the player’s performance improves compared to past records, the score increases. When his performance decreases, his points decrease. The ICC ranking system is a method designed to accurately evaluate the best teams or players in the world. These charts work in all three game formats: Test Match, ODI, and T20. The rankings are published separately for men’s and women’s cricket.


The achievement worth of each team is done through an algorithm. There are many calculations which are based on different scenarios in a match.

• Each team’s rating will be equal to the total points scored divided by the total number of games played. (The series of numbers is not important in these calculations).

• Add the scored match scores to the scored score (in previous matches shown in the table) and add 1 to the number of matches played to determine a new rank.

• The system must give the team a basic point at the start, as the points a team earns depends on the opponent’s score.

The right person in the team England is Jos Buttler, who is responsible for such improvement in T20. He also performed well in Big Bash in 2017. Since then, the hard-hitting player has been performed really well. He can score with a strike rate of more than 150 when he is in flow.

Butler is the most destructive on high-end bowling. As an opener, after December 2017, his strike rate is 179.3, but when faced with a turn, his odds drop. 127 left. That’s the only visible problem in batting for the player.  He also tends to be bounced back with performance against spins. Against spinners, the player had a record of 70.5% of dot balls or singles. If team England need to be top, I think, the player needs to improve in this segment.